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A way to get your pimp posts out there, and get people into your fandom!


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I read people comment all the time with things like, "I don't need another fandom". I have many fandoms myself, but to be honest, I love being pulled into new fandoms, pairings, etc. It's so much fun, and it really makes me feel like I'm delving into the amazing world of fandom as much as I can, even when I'm buried in unread fics or unwatched videos. I'm sure others feel this way as well. My reason for creating this community is because I want more people to become aware of fandoms outside their 'comfort' zone.

You can pimp fandoms in general, pairings, characters, bands, icon makers, authors, etc.
You can't pimp things like communities, icon contests or users. This doesn't mean you can't link to them if they're relevant to what you're pimping.

However, please read the rules before before posting.


Do not post fanart without the author's permission. Do not copy and posts text without permission or crediting the source site.

If uploading images, vids, etc, make sure it's not taken from someone else's site where they've specified not to take them. Do not make posts consisting only of downloads or pictures. Please contain fandom/band/whatever information as well so that people can get into what you're trying to get them to like. Downloads can come at the end of the post.

If you know its okay, you can upload pics here:


And vids/doujinshi/whatever here:

YouTube (vids)
4shared (need account, but has large storage)

I don't recommend places such as YouSendIt, as the uploads only stick around for one week, which sucks for you when people keep asking you to reupload everything every week. :p

If the media is licensed and/or contains links to places to download licensed materials, please Friends Lock the post.

When posting your entry, please tag it with the fandom and/or pairing.

ex1: katekyo hitman reborn!, gokudera x tsuna

ex2: super junior, korean band

ex3: graphics, icons or graphics, fanart, if its authors

If you're unsure, just tag it however you think it should be and I'll fix it if need be.


If you're not sure what type of info to put into your post, here are lots of different types of Pimp Posts by others (not posted in this community) that should give you ideas:

* If a post is too image heavy and breaks the layout, I usually add ?format=light to the end of the url, but if you notice any I missed, I recommend adding that.

colordrops: Top Icon Makers Pimp Post (image heavy)
honooko: Arashi: Nino/Ohno Pimp Post
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elyndys: Kanjani8 Pimp Post ('08)
damning_dance: Kanjani8 Pimp Post of Doom
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xhidden_dreamzx: Super Junior (Korean band) (image heavy)
Spazzes: The TRAX (Korean band) Pimp Post
Imparfaition: KAT-TUN (Japanese band) Pimp Post
tinyangl: NewS Pimp Post: Part 1, 2
nekokatechan: SunSet Swish Pimp Post (Image Heavy)
forgottenpolish: The Great KAT-TUN YouTube Pimp Post (video heavy)
forgottenpolish: Uebo-Hime (Ueda) YouTube Pimp Post (video heavy)
wanderingreen: Dong Bang Shin Ki (Korean band) Pimp Post (image heavy)
bitofpixiedust: NewS (J-Pop band) Pimp Post (image heavy)
bumped: The Tackey & Tsubasa (J-Pop band) Pimp Post (image heavy)
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honmeikun: Suzuki Hiroki Pimp Posts Part 1, 2
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puppetoflove: Friday Night Live Pimp Post Part 1, 2
shrocomemos: Hunter x Hunter Pimp Post (image heavy)
shrocomemos: Prince of Tennis Pimp Post (image heavy)
myth720: The Big Wild Adapter Pimping Post
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painless_j: Antique Bakery Rec Postmanga (scroll), anime (image heavy)
painless_j: Fullmetal Alchemist Manga Rec Post
suzimi: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Pimp Post (image heavy)
greyrook_22: Katekyo Hitman Reborn Pimp Post
beckerbell: Bruno & Boots (book) Pimp Post

Pimp Posts I especially recommend looking at for ideas:
alita_b_angel: The Great FORMULA 17 (Chinese movie) Pimp Post Part 1, 2 (image heavy and not worksafe)
prillalar: Ookiku Furikabutte Pimp Post
honooko: Arashi Pimp Post
nekonezumi: Arashi Semi-Pimp Post (Semi-Image/Video Heavy)
bookshop: Bump of Chicken Pimp Post (image heavy)
encoded_panties: Nakamaru Yuichi (from KAT-TUN) Pimp Post (Image Heavy)

I recommend the most posts that are not all jumbled with text, images and symbols, especially if the text is resized. Easy to read or look at posts will be enjoyed a lot easier.

Anyone who's written Pimp Posts in the past, feel free to post them in this community! If anyone knows of Pimp Posts not listed, please tell me so I can add them! :) I'm currently trying to find two Katekyo Hitman Reborn! posts I read once and have lost the links to.


You can also try looking at ship_manifesto essays, just be aware that pimping is different than essays. We pimp to fangirl/fanboy over our fandom/etc. We write an essay to analyze the fandom/etc. We're trying to bring newcomers or people who don't know about your topic to get in to it. For instance, don't go into why a characters likes chocolate over vanilla, but you can say that a character is obsessed with chocolate ice cream.

In any case, I recommend introducing all the main characters if it's a fandom pimp post. If it's a pairing one, I recommend introducing the series and the two (or three?) characters. This is up to you as long as the right topic is discussed in it. I highly recommend putting screencaps (from the show/anime/manga) though, because 99% that's what I look at first before even reading the text. For things such as books that don't have images, don't worry about it, but post the book cover if you can find it.

To extend what I said at the beginning, Pimp Posts can be from TV shows, movies, anime, manga, bands, top icon/wallpapers/etc makers, top writers in fandom x, etc. Don't make a small pimp post about one good author, artist, fic, graphic, etc. It has to be more than one (if its an author or writer) and a decent length post. (ex: you can rec 5 favorite authors in the Harry Potter fandom, and you can write why you like each author and what fics of their's you like the most). If you're unsure about if your post counts, leave me a note either by Message or through a comment on the first post.

You can post a Pimp Post in a fandom/pairing/etc that has already been posted before. All Pimp Posts are different due to the people who write them having different views, opinions and media to share! :) Don't worry if you think your post isn't as 'good' as someone else's - no matter what, someone will enjoy/agree with what you have to say or not have seen other Pimp Posts except your's. Don't worry about fangirling too much or leaning towards one character or pairing. Hopefully, you can convince even just one person to like it too. That's what Pimp Posts are for. Share the love!

You can include links to fanfics, fanart sites, journals, doujinshi, users, etc that you feel people will find useful. Feel free to update your post at any time and drop a note to me (optional) - I will make a post of all updated posts every week or as needed.

Please LJ-Cut all Pimp Posts. Fake cuts are allowed, but please add ?format=light to the end of the URL if the images break your journal layout, or the layout is narrow. Only post Pimp Posts in this community - no Off Topic things or questions (those go in the first post here). All entries will be put into the memories and have their tags edited if needed. If an entry contains explicit content, please set the security properly and put a rating label above the cut. If you're post is image/video heavy, please warn for that as well. Thanks!

Feel free to ask commenters to add anything you migh have missed, such as pics, info, etc that you can add in your post. Optional of course, but fandom response might make people more interested! I know I tend to first look at how many comments there are before clicking, though that doesn't stop me from clicking if I'm interested.


Title:Naruto Pimp Post

By: keitorin

Fandom: Naruto

Rating: All Ages

Warning: Image Heavy

Note(s): Possible spoilers for the latest chapters.



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